Everything You Need to Know About Tech360’s Discover Connect +

Everything you need to know about Discover connect +

We know how managing a business could be exhausting. It requires all your focus and energy with so many things asking for attention. And in that case, you need all the help you can get. So to help manage your business with ease, Tech360 has developed a platform to ease your burden. Discover connect+ has all the transportation solutions you need in one place.  

What does Discover connect+ have to offer your business?


We have created MyAffiliates to bring together ground transportation providers in a never-seen manner. MyAffiliates, in particular, aids in the verification process by centralizing all of your documentation, ensuring that rides contracted out adhere to your company's regulations. Everything you need to learn or check about a partner, such as operating permissions, Documents of Insurance, and fleet details, is all in one location.
How does it function?Step1) Add your business. Put your company's information, contact information, vehicle details, and any business policies and business-related paperwork. Step2) Find and connect with affiliates all over the world. Use the map to find organizations near you or in an area of interest, check their profile information, review them, and interact with them.

MyFleet:The Global Ground Transport Enablement Platform For Operators

We have developed the world's first open global ground dispatch platform, connecting worldwide demand to global supply. Powered by iVcardo, MyFleet will help you manage your fleet business with ease.
Features of MyFleetIt integrates elements such as,
  • a sophisticated pricing module.
  • a consolidation rules engine.
  • a transport services management layer.
  • And an open API that connects with other software platforms, allowing transport retailers to connect their travelers directly with the vehicle globally and in multiple languages.
MyFleet is an exchange where transport providers may actively trade with merchants and other operators, allowing them to optimize their fleets and provide a higher level of service to their customers. The fleet management platform works on a simple subscription model, which lowers entry barriers, allowing small businesses to compete at a higher level. MyFleet is a platform that has evolved in tandem with the industry and its problems, resulting in the creation of the platform that automates the existing ground transportation market, moving away from the traditional closed network model and connecting the current supply chain, offering a broader and more efficient service. That delivers a combined, standardized solution for transportation retailers, with consistent and reliable service delivery wherever in the world.

MyLeads: Make every inquiry count

For the first step, you need to dispatch a proposal for your requirements. After you've sent the proposals, MyQuotes allows you to continue interacting with the potential client until he becomes a devoted customer. Since most interactions with customers take place via email, the interface then offers you a variety of templates for responses (tailored for all mail clients) to choose from and automation that moves the engagement from the stage of a simple lead to the position of a done sale.
Features:The extensive dashboard is data-driven, displaying all of the facts you can think of, from general performance to lost quote statistics and all forms of conversion numbers. Last but not least, maximizing results MyQuotes will enable you to monitor the performance of your own employees.

MyReviews: Review system designed by industry experts

An easy-to-use automated customer review system that helps govern your company's reputation via positive feedback from customers and social media posts, increasing site authority and improving social media rankings, SEO, and exposure in essential websites. The Review Optimization System is a methodical approach to using genuine, positive client feedback to establish trust and raise awareness of your services. MyReviews allows users to create leads, win customers, and manage your consumer relationships as well as your company's reputation.  

MyShuttles: The All-In-One Shuttle Booking System

Catering to all your needs, whether you need seasonal shuttles instead of regular. Or maybe you want to book your tickets online; MyShuttle has all kinds of options to choose from. MyShuttles is all you need to organize all your operations in one place—providing your clients the chance to access you online thru a simple interface optimized for any device. Several options allow you to customize the fleet, routes, prices, and the reservation interface displayed to the end customer. So what do you think of our platform? To learn more about us, Visit us and help us manage your services better.