MyShuttles is here to elevate your business.

Do you have regular or seasonal shuttles and do you want your customers to be able to book or pay for their tickets online?

Offering Shuttle services will open up a whole new revenue stream for you and your clients. From business meetings to seasonal events, MyShuttles will ensure the easy organization of your fleet and client satisfaction.

How it works

Manage User

Manage Users

Offering Shuttle services for your employees can help you to eliminate creating more parking spots, reduce the stress of commuting, and increase employee morale.

  • Helps to create more parking spots
  • Reduce the stress of commuting
  • Increase employee morale
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Manage Vehicle

Customize your fleet

MyShuttle is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to organize and customize your shuttle fleet all in one place. The application comes with various options that let you tailor the routes, prices, branding, and fast communication. It will also allow you to create and describe your fleet so your clients are well equipped with all the relevant information before booking.

  • Manage vehicle
  • Tailor the routes
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Manage Bookings

Manage Booking

Shuttles can be offered for your clients for various seasonal events and occasions such as event transportation, business trips and more. It opens up a business for clients wishing to transport larger teams and groups.

  • For event transportation
  • For business trips
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Company Information

Interactive interface

MyShuttles have numerous options to customize your fleet, routes, prices, and the booking interface displayed to the end customer. It is an all-inclusive operating system where you need to organize all your activity in one place and offer your clients the opportunity to reach you online through an easy-to-use interface, optimized for any type of device.

  • Customize fleet, routes, prices and booking interface
  • Organize all activities in one place
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