The only complete and real-time Global Partners Management Portal in the industry!

Let us ask you these questions:

  • Do you want to be more visible in the industry?
  • Are you thriving to be the go-to company in your local market?
  • Are you ready to expand your business outside of your immediate service area?
  • Is your goal to become the leading private ground transportation company in the world?

If you answered YES to these questions, let us present to you The CONNECT – the most advanced information portal that provides you instant visibility to market-leading partners across the globe.

Whether you are an independent operator or a large operator, MyConnections is the solution you can trust. Connections Member Listings have all the features you could ever want – descriptions, photos, maps, video, categories, keywords, and more.

How it works

Company Information

Build Your Visibility

MyConnections is the perfect fit for every operator – large or small – to let the world know that you are ready, willing, and able to handle business in your local market by searching for you by airport or service area. Who are you? Let the industry know!

  • Fit for large and small business
  • Be visible in the market
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Find the Right Service Providers

For passengers traveling outside of your service market, MyConnections is the one-stop-shop for operators that are available to handle your work for you.

  • Right Service Providers
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Increase The Productivity

Ratings and Reviews

Users are no longer just looking for information about a business; they want to hear about customer experiences. The reviews feature enables customers to have this valuable content.

  • Valuable content
  • Customer experience
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Company Information

Easy Data Management

Easy to import and update features make managing your information a breeze. Change and optimize your branding and contact information on demand.

  • Easy to import and update features
  • Optimize your brand on demand
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Content Moderation

Operators submit the listings in an easy to use fill-in form saving time and effort. The Connections Team will monitor all listings to ensure the completeness and quality of the information provided. You only get to make a great first impression once!

  • Save time and effort by fill in form
  • Get complete and quality information
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