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MyAffiliates is designed to connect ground transportation providers together in a way that was never previously imagined. Specifically, MyAffiliates helps with the vetting process by keeping all of your documents in one place and ensures rides farmed out will be consistent with your own policies.

Everything you need to know or verify about an affiliate such as operating permits, Certificates of Insurance and fleet information are all contained in one place.

What is the best way to reach your target audience?
Make sure you’re everywhere that they are. This includes various channels, webpages, search results, mediums, and devices. My Affiliates is going to get you there. It is the only platform in the industry that gives you omnipresence across all networks.

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Specify your company information, contact details, vehicles information as well as any company policies and business-related documents.

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Search for and connect to affiliates globally

Use the map to look for businesses near you or in an area of your interest, view their profiles, rate them and get connected.

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