Connect travelers locally, globally, and in a multi-lingual environment.

MyFleet is the first open ground dispatch platform that connects GLOBAL demand with GLOBAL supply. Incorporating features such as sophisticated pricing module, consolidation rules engine, and an open API that connects with other software platforms, MyFleet truly has evolved with the industry.

The purpose of MyFleet is to create a connected standardized service for transport retailers and automating the existing ground transportation market. The traditional closed network model is not serving our industry anymore, therefore it’s time to move away from it. MyFleet ensures wider and more efficient services that are consistent, reliable, and accessible anywhere in the world.

As a simple subscription-based model, MyFleet management platform removes barriers to entry and allows smaller organizations to compete at a much higher level.

MyFleet System Overview

Smart Booking List

Smart booking list

This includes everything you need for the highest level of organization: shortcuts for quick editing, color-coded booking statuses, advanced filters, and progressive storing systems to generate reports.

  • Shortcuts for quick editing
  • Advanced filtering
  • Progressive storing systems to generate reports
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Easy Booking Process

Easy booking process

With automation and intuitive booking process, dispatchers can use these tools to construct basic and complex bookings either online, via email, or via phone.

  • Book via email
  • Book via phone
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Fix Zone Price

Fixed-rate zone to zone pricing

Using our interactive map, you can draw plots and zones to create customized prices.

  • Price customization
  • Easy to draw plots and zones using interactive map
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Speedy Auto-Dispatch

Speedy auto-dispatch

No more guessing the location of your drivers. Even with digital maps and GPS tracking, there are still some jobs that require manual dispatching each job individually. Our intelligent algorithms will do hard work for you.

  • Auto tracking
  • Assignment job
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Dispatch Management System

A dispatch management system is a comprehensive program designed to help you better manage your business, allowing you to handle everything from client accounts to drivers and even affiliate networks. A feature list that goes beyond what you’d expect from a DMS (dispatch management system). Below are all the DMS features explained in detail.

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