Gift Card Program that Keeps Giving

The best way to give your customers more control over gift cards and how you can drive engagement while communicating your brand, message, and mission.

Today’s marketplace is the most challenging as it has ever been. With hundreds of competitors offering similar services, more benefits, lower prices, and flashier deals, retaining customers can be demanding.

MyGiftCards is part of Connect System that enables your customers and companies to purchase physical and virtual gift cards with just a few clicks.
It is not just a sales program. It’s an integration of marketing, analytics, inventory tracking, and web page development all in one place.

How it works

Giftcards Manage User

Improved analytics

Insights to your audience are the most crucial part of your marketing and sales. Connect MyGift Cards have an integrated analytics tracking system that helps you determine everything you need about your audience and their spending habits.

  • Active Giftcards
  • Purchased Giftcards
  • Spending Analytics
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Manage Users

A well-executed Gift Cards program will not only improve your brand awareness but will also increase your sales. Connect GiftCards have built-in tools to engage with your existing customers in real-time, drive new visitors to your website, and help you to convert customers with an easy and interactive user interface both through desktop and apps.

  • Effective User Management
  • Real-time customer engagement
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Manage Giftcards

Manage Giftcards

Increasing your brand awareness is vital to enquire about new customers. People have endless options in this massive marketplace. You want your brand to be on top of their mind. Gift Cards are a brilliant way to communicate your mission, values, brand image, as well as promote new offerings. It also gives your existing customers more control and enables them to share their rewards with their friends and family.

  • Communicate your Values
  • Promote new offerings
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