First impressions can make or break deals.

The more you know about your potential customers, the better you can speak their language. Getting an impressive Quote from a business is one of the first steps to direct communication between your company and your new customer. So, make it count!

MyQuotes’ comprehensive dashboard is data-driven, showing you all the statistics you can think of, from the overall performance to lost quotes statistics, different types of conversion numbers.

In today’s world, we are used to getting everything instantly. Many business owners are struggling to stay on top of their communication methods and end up with delayed or backlogged quote requests, and ultimately will likely lose those clients.

Don’t be like many business owners. Beat the competition by being innovative, consistent and efficient. MyQuotes can help you to do that.

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MyQuotes is a dynamic tool that helps you to build fully customized responses for your future clients while staying on brand. After your initial quote is delivered in an efficient and timely manner, you can continue the conversation until conversion. This is all happening through email while using our interface that provides you with diverse templates and automatons that follow the unique pattern of each potential client.

  • Quote is delivering in an efficient and timely manner
  • Diverse templates and automatons
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Besides effective and reliable communication, MyQuotes is equipped with comprehensive data and statistic tools. You can easily track your employee’s performance as well as gather useful insights of your potential customers. Data is power and can be used for future campaigns as well as serving your community in more efficient ways.

  • Comprehensive data and statistic tools
  • Track performance
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