Dispatch Management System explained in detail!

A dispatch management system is a comprehensive program designed to help you better manage your business, allowing you to handle everything from client accounts to drivers and even affiliate networks. A feature list that goes beyond what you'd expect from a DMS (dispatch management system). Below are all the DMS features explained in detail.  

Customer Account Management

Platform with the ability to allocate customer accounts or users to specific services –such as Standard, Executive, and VIP, to prevent bookings outside of the available services. You can limit drivers from working on specific consumer accounts by grading customer accounts linked directly to the scoring on the driver profile.
  • Customer Reference Capture
  • Customer Account Bookers
  • Communication Preferences
  • Booking and Dispatch Options
  • Web Plugin and Passenger App Commands
  • Financial and Billing
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Meeting Boards

Service Type Management

It gives you a platform to add short and long descriptions to each vehicle type. You can set pricing plans for a vehicle type as distance only, time (hourly hire), or a combination of time and distance. Other features:
  • Ability to dispatch vehicles sooner than others by adding a variable value to the SmartDispatch™ algorithm. As the owner, you can set pricing plans for a vehicle type as distance only, time (hourly hire), or a combination of time and distance.
  • It also allows you to set the vehicle as a rideshare vehicle and sell individual seats (The pricing matrix supports per seat pricing). You can set times of day when bookings cannot be made online or through mobile passenger apps.
  • And to understand all the aspects of Service Type Pricing, click here.

Fleet Asset Management

This feature enables your fleet business to manage their assets with each. Below are the components responsible: It is a complete document management suite for each vehicle. Also, it assigns expiry dates to the vehicle's operating permits. Initially, when a vehicle gets added to the platform, it is validated. And not just that, the software can assign a vehicle to perform a different service type; for example, a standard MPV/people mover can perform rides where a standard saloon is requested but cannot complete rides where a VIP saloon is requested.  

Driver Management

Complete document handling suite; everything related to the drivers. And the other features include: A driver platform with a complete profile and rides management capabilities. It assigns expiration dates to the driver's operating permits. The platform also has an Internal rating process built into the SmartDispatchTM algorithm to ensure that clients are assigned to the best driver first (optional setting). The system offers drivers the closest rides scheduled for tomorrow morning based on their home address, allowing them to self-assign (optional). Owners can set the maximum working hours to keep drivers from operating too long and endangering public safety. You can add an affiliate to your instance, then add a driver and attach that driver to the affiliate; you can send rides to them as if they were one of your own drivers. And it enables you to pay them as a company rather than as a driver. You can allow the driver to monitor future reservations on the driver app & site.
  • In addition, to fully comprehend the financial and billing components, click here.

Geography, Shapes, And Zone Pricing

This feature lets you create patterns, connect them as a route, and then assign prices to those forms on a per-customer and per-service-type basis. You can Create zones such as airports, communities, and even detached buildings. It is embedded with a module that allows you to pull official government statistics for a given zone, such as New York or Paris, including towns, villages, and suburbs. These shapes are created using the legal authority data that has been provided. It also allows you to set individual prices (or a global price) for each client account, affiliate, and chauffeur for each route. And you can copy route costs between client accounts or from one service type to the next to save time. When utilizing our B2C web booking engine, you can add a URL to each route, which will link the path displayed on the page to a specific URL on your site.  

Managing And Deploying And Affiliate Network

In MyFleet, you can create an affiliate instance instantly associated with your instance. You can book rides and check schedules for your affiliates to ensure safe rides.
  • Affiliate Rules Engine
After you've created the instance, you may attach affiliates to client accounts. This allows you to prevent specific affiliates from performing trips for specific customers, for example, if they don't operate in the area where the customer has requests. Click here for a better understanding of the rules.  

Internal Booking Module

You may book both your departure and return flights with a single click. Schedule trips according to a plan, similar to Microsoft Outlook recurring calendars. You can add multiple stopovers to a booking and move them as needed. Just enter the flight details, and the program will verify the flight and immediately fill in the pickup address for you. It enables you to create notes for each booking that can be shared only privately, with the clients, or with the affiliates.  

Dispatch Module

There are a set of instructions for the drivers on how to conduct their roles, and the instructions must be followed in respect to context, such as un-allocated rides, allocated rides, or other. And to get a more detailed overview of DMS and other features of Myfleet platform, head to Tech360 and learn more. In a nutshell A dispatch management system is a comprehensive platform designed to help better manage the ground transportation business, allowing you to handle everything from one single platform. Whether it's a client's account, drivers, and even affiliate networks, you'll get everything for your business to run smoothly in one place. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section. Visit us to find out more about us and assist us in better managing your services.