6 Qualities that Supply Chain Decision Makers Seek in Logistics Partners

The supply chain network is growing in size and complexity. Supply chain decision-makers are under pressure to fulfill rising consumer delivery expectations, but market volatility, network capacity, and labor shortages cause supply chain disruption. Organizations resort to logistics service providers (LSPs) to address these issues to introduce new solutions that improve supply chain efficiency and resilience. A recent poll of supply chain decision-makers identifies the top six attributes that supply chain decision-makers seek in LSPs and 3PL partners.  

Cybersecurity Measures Are Essential

  With the events of 2021, such as the strike on the Colonial Pipeline earlier in the year, supply chain cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand elements driving the deployment of 3rd services and devices in logistics.   According to the report, a 3PL with cybersecurity safeguards in place was regarded as critical by 93% of respondents, notably 92 % of leadership and 94% of managers. Furthermore, collaborating with third parties alleviates the burden of ongoing cybersecurity testing and enhancement without jeopardizing the tech stack's quality and integrity.  

Real-time Data Generates Actionable Intelligence.

  Data analytics has been one of the most critical issues and areas of thought leadership among logistics companies for several years. Part of it stems from the ability to give real-time information that allows actionable insight. It was in high demand in the 2020 peak season survey, with 88% of respondents expressing a desire for real-time data throughout a company.  

Incompatibility Issues Are Reduced Thanks To Custom System Integration

  Integration and how readily technologies can operate together to boost throughput are other major factors when choosing a services provider. Integration ranks third on the list of in-demand value-added perks when working with a third-party logistics provider, with 89 % agreeing. This integration suggests a rising emphasis on a single supply chain tech stack that may help users minimize repetition, share data in real-time, automate procedures, and prevent errors or miscommunications.  

Advisory and Logistics Consultants Services: Your Business's Partnership/Tech Implementation Guide

  According to 86% of study respondents, the capacity of a 3PL supplier to give advisory roles to assist businesses is critical. This includes assisting companies in their initial launch and expansion, enabling a turnkey strategy, and implementing fundamental changes to minimize transportation costs. These are essential variables in satisfying the increased demands of results and objectives and e-commerce purchasing behaviors during peak season and beyond.  

Intuitive Technology Suites Has Authority Make Partnership Decision

  Intuitive technological solutions, including cybersecurity, are another defining feature for supply chain decision-makers. 93% of survey respondents recognized easy-to-use technology tools as key aspects. 86% of study respondents said technology tools, particularly computer and mobile-enabled capabilities, are in-demand benefits of 3PL collaborations.  

Multimodal Transportation Services: A Key to Logistics

  One area where logistics and supply chain experts highlight a requirement in their 3PL partners is multimodal transportation. According to the poll, 83 percent of respondents considered this skill crucial when partnering with a logistics and supply chain provider.   Increased multimodal utilization results in greater network efficiency and cost-effectiveness due to fewer kilometers traveled. Furthermore, multimodal solutions and optimization assist organizations in driving sustainable mobility.    And, because 87% of respondents named sustainability a defining criterion, multimodal transportation services add value in various ways for strategic and operational decision-makers.   A need for complex and adaptable supply networks is being driven by market instability. 3PL and LSP firms are critical to supplying chain resilience. Partnering with the proper 3PL providers who provide multimodal logistics solutions, consultative solutions, and flexible, secure technology will help minimize the current supply chain difficulties.   Head to our Tech360 to discover more about your supply chain's performance and potential for increased efficiency and cost savings.