How To Overcome Supply Chain Disruption?

Every business that moves any product must contend with supply chain interruption. There won't be a new normal; instead, there will be unknown disturbance causes, including changes in the weather, governmental regulations, and business conditions.

Develop a plan to deal with supply chain disruptions regardless of their cause rather than expecting to be able to anticipate every problem. Supply chain resilience is the capacity to adjust to and overcome difficulties so that your business can continue to provide the best level of customer service. A resilient supply network remains intact even when strained beyond its breaking point. And it recovers, perhaps adopting new forms as necessary in reaction to the most recent disruption.

Risk assessment and a proactive approach are the first steps in resiliency preparation for your supply chain. Just in case, having a Plan B is insufficient. Your company needs to be looking over the horizon for potential threats.

Overcoming Supply Chain Disruption

Operational continuity is a crucial component of your organization's capacity to foresee disturbance, respond to circumstances, and develop resilience. To construct your resilience plan, you need the right people, systems, and processes in place.

Get your supply chain ready for any sort of disruptions.

How To Overcome Supply Chain Disruption?

Your supply chain may be affected by a wide range of events, but not all of them will have an equal influence. While severe weather may briefly shut down entire places, recovery often happens rapidly. Other problems, like trade disputes and taxes, take a long time to develop and are pretty unclear. Your supply chain needs to be flexible enough to respond to any risks.


Natural disasters are the top issue for enterprises worldwide in East Asia and the Pacific. These are just a few examples of weather patterns and natural calamities interrupting your supply chain. A storm can cause roads to close, warehouses to close, utilities to go out, and employees to get stranded. 

Alternative sourcing and route, contingency plans, and alternative systems can help weather any storm. To address natural disaster issues, your company can collaborate with a distribution network specialist such as Tech360's team.

Tariffs and trade conflicts

Tariff threats as just a political tactic, and global trade laws and disputes could cut off suppliers and markets, pushing your marketing strategy into the red. Working with a supply chain advisor with worldwide expertise is critical for monitoring these dangers and developing ways to mitigate their impact on your organization.

Cyber attacks and threats

As you read this, your firm is most certainly being hacked. To cause massive disruption, the bad guys need to get it right occasionally. Some of the industry's major corporations have been obliged to pay a ransom to restore technical functioning. 

Other businesses have lost intellectual property or client information and were unaware of the loss until it was too late. Identifying and defending critical vendors and associates who may unwittingly become attack vectors is crucial.

Capacity constraints and transportation delays

In 2020, the aggregate cost of a data breach was $3.86 million, with hacked employee accounts being the leading cause. Your transportation expert can assist you in developing reaction measures to guarantee that your supply chain remains operational while the issue is being resolved.

Transportation bottlenecks and delays Shifting consumer demand, severe weather, driver shortages, rising fuel prices, and a slew of other factors all work together to reduce available capacity. Due to the increase in e-commerce, tiny package shippers experienced "shippageddon" during peak season 2020. Carriers moved bulky items out of parcel networks, and parcel shippers limited their volume.

Price fluctuations and sourcing issues

Utilizing local package carriers and reevaluating packaging tactics are just two ways that working with a 3PL can help you to identify capacity when and where you need it. Numerous clients of Tech360 were able to get beyond these obstacles and continue to be satisfied with the company.

Cost variations and supply problems. As people switched their expenditures to online shopping and made early-spring purchases at holiday pricing, the pandemic increased the costs of several consumer goods. The lack of preparation for the influx increased shipping costs and depleted inventory levels.

How To Overcome Supply Chain Disruption?

The epidemic may appear to be a natural calamity, but the long-term worldwide disruption is extraordinary. A recent poll indicated that, even though supply chains are improving, 57 % of shippers reported higher lead times from Chinese suppliers.

The pandemic brought to light how interconnected today's supply networks are. A virus from China impairs Detroit's auto industry, and a flood from Thailand destroys several facilities used for research and production. Unexpected disruptions might cause costs to soar or result in the complete lack of a necessary product.

Work with a supply chain specialist who can assist with network design optimization and strategic sourcing to prepare for these difficulties.

Overcome Supply Chain Disruption With Organizational Resiliency

Your organization's ability to anticipate disruption, adapt to events, and build resiliency is rooted in how you maintain operational continuity. Tech360 is here to help leaders develop and sustain organizational resiliency plans.

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