5 Most Dangerous Roads For Truckers in the U.S.

The United States offers some of the most unique and breathtaking views and roads which all truckers love. Despite the scenic views, U.S. roads are also known to be among the world's most dangerous highways. 

Although driving on these could be thrilling for many, sometimes unknown climatic factors or ignorance have led to severe accidents. Despite years of experience, the drivers have met with tragic accidents and even fatalities. Knowing your routes and the ways around them can be beneficial even if you are a great driver.

Let's get into some of the most dangerous roads available for truckers in the United States.

Million Dollar Highway

5 Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers

As the name suggests, this highway is truly a sight to behold. A typical road built in the 1880s as a part of the San Juan Skyway has breathtaking views to your right and a spectacular drive ahead. You will indeed be tempted to take it all in. It's best not to get carried away since the roads are cut out of mountains and stretch up to 25 kilometers. Most of which are deprived of guardrails, making it a little more difficult for the truckers. 

The road connects to the three mighty mountain passes, Coal bank pass, Molas pass, and Red mountain pass. Whether often is unpredictable through these stretches. In summers, it might vary from 70 - 90°F to 50- 70° F nearing the passes. Winters can be brutal with extreme snowfall, so carry chains with your vehicles. The rains are pretty scary as well, making the drive a little more troublesome.

–Although, for most winters, the highway remains shut. But if open, you witness the mightiest views.

The kill way of the U.S.: Highway 24

You guessed it right! This highway gets its name from the frantic number of accidents and fatalities on this route. Apart from being dangerous, it also is one of the most important and busiest transport routes between Toledo, Ohio, Wayne, and Indiana. Hence, avoiding this route may not be possible. 

These roads can be extremely narrow with rugged terrains out of nowhere; hence truckers need to have their speed controlled at all times. Since it serves as a high-volume trade route, the number of vehicles and their relative distance matter the most.

–To keep the business up and running effectively, all we can do is stay alert! 

Loneliest Road In The World: Dalton Highway

5 Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers

Alaska sends a chill down your spine simply thinking about it. But this road, in particular, is one of the most dangerous in the United States. Dalton Highway is also known as the loneliest or last road. It sounds spooky, doesn't it? As part of the trans-Alaska pipeline system, this majestic marvel was built in 1974. Named after James-dalton this road is considered the remotest on earth.

This stretch is a two-lane gravel road that spreads across 666kms. Due to its rugged conditions, the vehicles that choose this path are supposed to be ready for it; hence a thorough check is mandatory. This highway discourages small cars and two-wheelers since the roads are primitive and lead to harsh weather conditions.

it's advisable to carry as much gas as you can since finding a station could be a task in itself.

Highway 2- Montana

Unlike other roads, these are extensive, wide, and lush roads. Naturally, all good riders are tempted to overspeed here. This entirely paved road stretches from Butte to Three forks. It's a 63 miles-paved construction marvel, considered one of the most dangerous roads in the U.S. by the University of Minnesota.

Why exactly are these highways considered dangerous? It has two simple reasons. First, it is a mix of two kinds of drives, lush greens and expanses of wide roads, which tempts almost all the drivers to overspeed. Secondly, the weather is exceptionally unpredictable. Winters here may witness numerous hazards like black ice blocking roads, slippery terrain, or stormy winds. These can send caution to any experienced driver. They are bound to be extremely alert and attentive to the weather during their drives on these roads. 

the highway is a mesmerizing drive filled with unprecedented dangers, so being careful is the only way out.

The Highway of Death: California's route 138

5 Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers

This road has been considered one of the deadliest in the United States. It entirely resonates with its name and has been a cause of approximately 56 fatalities and over 875 injuries in the last five years. A desert stretch and harsh weather conditions make these roads demanding for drivers. 

Although the last few years have seen a lot of improvement in the highway conditions like repairs and widening the lanes, this road remains one of the deadliest roads in the United States. 

One can never be too careful with highways; it is all about active thinking and critical decision-making. With fleet and trucking businesses, the roads matter the most; hence it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the routes to be taken and the precautions needed. 

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