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Automated Feedback Collection
Referral Generation Made Simple

Harness the Power of Feedback and Referrals in One Seamless Tool

Reviews/Referrals is a collaboration between Tech360 and ReferMeIQ that combines the robust capabilities of MyReviews and the RMIQ Referral program to create a comprehensive system designed to elevate customer engagement and expand the network efficiently.

✅ Automated Feedback Collection: Engage customers with custom surveys sent automatically via text or email, leveraging real-time insights to enhance service quality.

✅ Immediate Feedback Handling: Receive instant alerts for high ratings and detailed reports for reviews needing attention, allowing you to respond swiftly and maintain a stellar reputation.

✅ Referral Generation Made Simple: The system contacts your customers for referrals without awkward, direct requests. Automated emails encourage clients to share their positive experiences, seamlessly expanding your reach and increasing potential leads.

Efficiently Manage Your Online Presence:

✅ Track Performance and Enhance Your Brand: Monitor how your services are perceived and use the data to boost your local search rankings, driving more traffic and sales.

✅ Automate and Simplify: Set up the system once and watch it manage customer interactions, keep your business top of mind, and continually grow your reputation with minimal effort.

Key Statistics to Consider

High Engagement

Customers are significantly more likely to engage with brands that actively manage their online reviews and seek out referrals.

Higher Conversion

Referrals are 400% more likely to convert to paying customers compared to other lead sources.

91% Of Customers

would refer others if asked, yet fewer than 11% of professionals ask for referrals.

Increased Revenue

Businesses who actively seek out and exploit referrals earn 4-5 times more than those who don’t.

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