All Transport Services Manager

MyFleet is a B2B MaaS solution where demand for ground transportation is connected with quality-assured operators. Our uniqueness and independence as an agnostic technology provider allows retail and transport operators to work openly together in a transparent environment. Our platform improves market liquidity by facilitating the seamless booking, exchange, fulfilment and billing of transport services on a global scale eliminating the need for costly legacy system integrations.

Build your burgeoning ground transport solution on rock solid foundations – choose iVcardo to manage the allocation and tracking of taxi, limo and coach jobs to your preferred supply partners. We provide an end-to-end virtual fleet solution.

Running on powerful Microsoft Azure cloud technology platform you connect to thousands of transport operators and assign jobs based on any number of criteria. Our online platform allows you to construct a virtual fleet, track each driver, set travel policies and procedures and view trip records.

MyFleet Transport Services Manager

Plug & Play Supply Chain Solution

MyFleet offers TMCs, OTAs, DMCs and large corporates a plug-&-play virtual fleet solution extending locally, nationally or internationally as required.

Flexible Rate Management

Use standard operator rates, including volume discounts where applicable, or negotiate special rates based on distance, time, polygon zones and more.

Live Pricing & Promotions

Access live price data from all transport operators, including offers, promotions and discounts. Build sales strategies around operator promotions to maximise sales and ROI.


Full transaction audit trail and service traceability allows detailed analysis of service usage, performance and compliance metrics down to journey-specific detail if required.

Driver Selection

Although driver subscriptions are coordinated by the operator, partners can choose to exclude individual drivers based on performance data or passenger feedback.

Travel Policy Compliance

Set granular travel policies for staff, managers and directors and achieve demonstrable compliance by applying standard policies across all participating transport operators.

Multicurrency Support

MyFleet supports multicurrency transactions allowing users to purchase foreign transport services in local currency at competitive exchange rates.

Import Existing Operators

We simplify the migration of external operators, allowing clients to consolidate order processing and invoicing whilst continuing to work with preferred operators.

Performance Reports

Detailed performance reports including hand-backs, late arrivals and deviations, benchmarked against similar drivers and operators.

Encryption & Security

No credit card details are stored by MyFleet and all client data is encrypted and stored on Microsoft’s award-winning Azure technology platform.

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